January 12, 2013
For entrepreneurs

To be an entrepreneur.
To be told “no” on a regular basis. To fight an uphill battle, to fall constantly.

I always joke with entrepreneurs I interview - I’d never want to step into their shoes.

Entrepreneurship is tough. There is constant failure.
Some of the greatest rewards come with the greatest risks, and often times those risks end in epic failure.

Not as many people talk about that. They don’t talk about the moments when you’re alone in your head, battling your worst enemy.

Often times we talk about huge wins, happy endings. Dark moments don’t always make it into print.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs battle with the greatest demons. Having the ability to change the world, to disrupt the status quo, isn’t something to take lightly.

The people that do this are far from normal. It takes a thread of intensity that not everyone has and sometimes that intensity can do more harm than help.

I woke up to the news that internet entrepreneur Aaron Swartz committed suicide. 

The word “tragedy” doesn’t do it justice.

To have all the ingredients to change the world, to have already made a huge dent, and to see the demons win, isn’t fair.

For those of us who live in extremes - extreme success, extreme failure, for those of us who are harder on ourselves than any critic and sometimes have trouble getting out of the dark, I say this - as dark as the world can be, it can be that light. As bad as it can be, it can be that good.

We aren’t always defined by our successes, it’s often our failures that makes us fight harder, see clearer.

Choosing to be an entrepreneur requires a respectful degree of insanity. 

For those who are going through a tough time, I hope you know you’re not alone. The world is much better with your crazy ideas, your passion, and your ability to hack the status quo. 

Don’t forget that.

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